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Tips To Improve Your Game
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Riding The Wind How Bad Do You Want To Be Good?
Fear Not The Woods Use A Consistent Routine For Consistent Golf
Learning To Control Anger Getting Better Without Throwing Better
Practicing Visualization 2 seconds: How to Use Your Eyes To Become A Better Golfer
Getting Started On Drilling Why Etiquette? Bringing Your Best To The Course
Can't Accept Not Trying The EDGE Program
Turning Practice Into Games Mastering the Wind
Whats Up With Women? Peak Performance: Mental Training For Golfers
Seven Ways To Beat Fear On The Course Throwing Level
Determining Par  
Building Consistency: Visual Aiming  
Tips For Success  
How To Practice- Part 1  
How To Practice- Part 2  
How To Practice- Part 3  
How To Practice- Part 4  
Your First Tournament  
Winning Disc Golf- Playing The Slots  
The Burden We Share  
Strategy During Tournaments  
General Topics
Putting Tips
Twelve Charactoristics Of Good Putting
Putting With Confidence
Keys Making A Good Putt
How To Learn To Throw Your Putter
Disc Qualities and Their Effect On Flight
Disc Terminology
Understanding Disc Stability
Understanding Nose Angles and Trajectories
What Disc Weight Is Right For Me?
Does Disc Color Affect Stability?
Disc Information/ Tips
Discraft instrucional-Making Long Putts Jump putting
Discraft Instructional- Forehand Drive
FGCU Clinic- The Upshot
FGCU Clinic- The Putt
FGCU Clinic- Stretching
Discraft Clinic: The Fastest Way To Improve
David Feldberg on Conan O'Brien
How To Do The X Step When Throwing In Disc Golf

Disc Golf Excersises Before A Tournament

How To Scooby In Disc Golf
How To Mark Your Lie In Disc Golf
David Wiggins' Flying Disc Distance record
Skip Shot: Disc Golf Strategy Take a look at this new article!
Excersizes For Disc Golf: Disc Golf Strategy Take a look at this new article!
Throwing Strategy: Disc Golf StrategyTake a look at this new article!
Throwing Over Trees: Disc Golf StrategyTake a look at this new article!
Advanced Strategies and Rules for Disc Golf Take a look at this new article!
Basic Rules Of Disc Golf: Lessons For Beginners Take a look at this new article!
Disc Information/ tips
Approach/ Driving tips
Approach/ Driving Tips
Wanna Throw Like Mike? The "A B C"s of Getting More D
Throwing Rollers
Driving Tips
Driving Form And Technique
Buckle Up For My Driving School
Distance Secrets
Throwing For Distance And Accuracy
The Overhand Shot
"Steady" Ed Headrick on Johnny Carson