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By Brian Sullivan/
Overstable vs. Understable

What does 'stability' mean in terms of disc golf?
Essentially, stability refers to the angle of the disc relative to distance traveled as it slows throughout flight. Don't worry, this isn't a physics lesson. Let's look at some real-world examples.

For the sake of simplicity, let's assume you are a right-handed player, and are using a backhand throwing style:

Beyond The Basics
Stability is a relative term -- meaning what is stable for you might be understable for the next person -- because disc stability is highly influenced by the power and snap of the thrower. Most folks might consider the Eagle to be overstable, but touring pro Todd Branch of the Winnicrew has enough power and snap to consider the Eagle to be understable in many situations. Fortunately for the rest of us, the general stability ratings given to discs are geared toward the average disc golfer.

Disc wear can also have a great impact on the stability of a disc. All discs become more understable with use and abuse, some faster than others. If a disc 'wears well,' that means it can take considerable abuse and still retain much of its original stability. The best wearing discs tend to be premium lines such as Innova's Champion Line and Discraft's Elite Pro Line. You pay a little more, but they last longer.

Most disc golfers carry a mix of stability in their bags, since not every throw needs to go straight. A dog-leg left might be better played using an overstable disc, while a dog-leg right might call for understable. The important thing to remember is this: regardless of what disc your friends think is cool, you'll be much happier throwing a disc that is compatible with your throwing style and skill level.

When shopping for drivers, new players should look for discs that are described as stable or understable. As your skill improves and your drivers become more understable, you will begin to discover other discs that will quickly become your new favorites. As you master more and more overstable discs, you will experience one of the great joys of playing disc golf.

Understanding Disc Stability