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How Long Have You Played Disc Golf?

I've been playing since 2002. I typically play around 2-4 times a week.

Most Memorable Win?

That’s tough.  Winning the 2007 Am World Doubles with Gary Camp was huge.  It really felt great being recognized as a World Champion.  The John Houck courses we played on were tremendous.  I have never played on courses like those.  Literally every hole was awesome.  Winning the 2007 Am Worlds Singles in Milwaukee was just as special.  We had a very good Grandmaster field in both Worlds.  I feel very fortunate to have won.

Most Memorable Tournament?

The 2007 Am Worlds in Milwaukee with out a doubt.  After coming so close the year before (I took second) I was really determined to win in 2007.  I knew I needed to work on my putting.  That had cost me several strokes in 2006.  I made several big putts.  The most memorable was on the long 533’ 12th at Dineen.  OB lined the entire left side of the fairway all the way to the basket.  I drove it to the right in the trees.  I made a decent shot out farther to the right, but I was in the open and about 260’ away.  I threw my 3rd shot OB left about 60’ from the basket…  I then got up wanting to at least limit the carnage and secure my 6.  I hit the putt!!  That was the best 5 I’ve ever made!

My Favorite Event?

Worlds!  They are so much fun and it’s great getting to play with so many old guys.

My Favorite Course?

Cedar Hills Park in Nashville, TN. It has 5 basket locations per hole. There is one hole that is 250 feet in the A position up to 650 feetin the F position. It's absolutely beautiful!

My Disc Golf Goals?

Having won both Am World Dubs and Singles last year my main goal is to stay healthy.  I’ve joined a gym and work out 3 times a week during the colder months.

Advice For Other Disc Golfers?

Play with the better players and try to mimic them. Ken Climo would be a good player to copy!! Learn what your discs do. Buy a few unstable discs first and learn to throw them. I particularly like the Millennium discs.  They are very reliable.  Also, work on technique and putt, putt, putt…

Anything Else?

I'd suggest getting your whole family involved with disc golf. It only takes 2 hours and is great exercise and anyone can do it. It's more fun if everyone in your family enjoys it! It also doesn't cost too much. (unless you get hooked like me and buy two of every disc made!)

Mark Steddom

175 Millennium Omega AP

175 Millennium Omega SS



174 Millennium Aurora MS

171 Sirius Aurora MS

174 Sirius Sentinel MF

180 Quantum Sentinel MF (San Marino)

170 FL

174 Sirius Orion LF

166 Sirius Orion LF

166 Millennium Orion LF

165 Sirius JLS

168 Quantum JLS

167 Sirius Orion LS

166 Millennium JLS

163 Millennium Polaris LS

PDGA# 296542
Division: GrandMaster Rating: 950 as of May 2008
From: Davenport Iowa Throws: Right Handed
Played Since: 2002 Aces: 2
2007 Am Worlds Doubles Champion Grandmaster
2007 Am Worlds Singles Champion Grandmaster
"In The Bag"

Mark Steddom
Player Profiles - Mark Steddom
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