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PDGA# 20460
Division: Advanced Rating: 962 as of June 2006
From: Moline Illinois Throws: Right Handed
Played Since: 1999 Aces: 4
"In The Bag"
Chase Roberts


9x KC for straight to turnover shots under 250ft., uphill putts............172g.
10xKC for off the tee and long approachs, 275ft and in....................175g.

Starting Rotation. Its rough to have so many great putters.  

11xKC for putting. Recently back after a vacation...............175g.
IL Star Aviar. Mainly for putting and short hysers................175g.
DX Aviar, single circle. Getting pretty used..........................175g.

IL DX Roc ( 1st ) getting beat in and thrown more...............180g.
IL DX Roc ( 2nd) softer version, same as above.................179g.
DSM Champion Coyote. About to be retired. Star soon......180g.


IL Pro Wraith. Bread and butter distance driver as of late..................175g.
IL Star TL. Finally beat in and replaced a Leopard. Awesome...........175g.
IL Star Teerex. Beat in and getting better, hyser driver......................175g.
CE Leopard. Money fairway and slight turnover driver.......................173g.
IL Star Wraith. Anhyser drives is about all anymore...........................173g.
Champion Banshee. More midrange, long Gaytor, thumbers.............175g.
IL Champion Roadrunner. Rollers and big anhysers, straight shots...175g.

The Star Wraith is not seeing the time the Pro sees. I can throw the Pro Wraith around 400ft, consistently. The Star has to take an S shot to go there or farther, for me. My Pro is getting worked and Im breaking in a new one this week. The Star TL has been very reliable and the Roadrunner is a fun disc to throw. It can flip or go dead straight. I parked a lot of long tunnel shots with it this weekend. I started throwing a Banshee again on Friday and over the weekend threw it more than any other disc. I used it for thumbers and all hysers under 325ft. My CE Leopard has been amazing on straight to anhyser shots up to 275-300ft, anymore than that I go to the Roadrunner.

Sacrifice distance for accuracy on the Pro Level, is what I think is important. That, and making every putt within 30ft. And, putting all your upshots close enough to do that , while landing dead straight in the fairway off the tee.

How Long Have You Played Disc Golf?

Seven years, four seriously. I was introduced to disc golf by Luke Langdon, mainly. I had some other friends who played also, but just for fun. Luke takes the game seriously and likes to compete, so I started playing with him more and more. He, and other members of the Quad City Disc Golf Club made me a better player, especially by offering such excellent courses to play on. Luke doesn't get out as much as he used to , so now it's mostly Chad Hein, Pat Baumunk and Mike Robinson pushing me the hardest.

Most Memorable Win?

I don't really have one. I guess Peoria last year (2005) was pretty cool. See me when I start racking up the Pro wins, then I'll be Bragging!

Most Memorable Tournament?

There's been a lot of great events I was fortunate enough to make, and am always traveling with friends, so they are all great. I think Worlds in Des Moines, Ia, (2004) would probably take the cake.

My Favorite Event?

This is another tough one. I look forward to the Legion Of Doom every year and now will look forward to the River Cities Rumble.

My Favorite Course?

Probably the River Cities Rumble course at West Lake, Iowa. It really was the best course I've ever played. Pickard and the other Des Moines courses are top notch. The Tobaggon course in Milford, Michigan is great as well. There's way too many I haven't played!

My Disc Golf Goals?

Right now, to be the best player I can be every time I'm on the course. That also goes hand in hand with the best that I can represent the Quad Cities. Sometimes, it's not about playing the best, but trying to exhibit good camaraderie and maybe hand out some suggestions.

It's my long term goal to be the best that I can be, and to make others around me better. Anything after that is a bonus.

Advice For Other Disc Golfers?

Learn to throw under stable plastic. It will make you a better player on all ends. Practice putting, as it's the most important part of the game. Learn at YOUR pace, not someone's else's, and put in the work it takes to get better. Hit the open field and learn how to use your discs the best YOU can. It doesn't matter if Johnny Long Drive is throwing 500 feet with the same disc, as he isn't throwing it for you.

Iron Lion Disc Golf Supply

Chase has also recently opened a new store to supply the local area with the best golf equipment possible, and to help the area explode disc golf into what it can and will become. As Chase himself said, "It was a big chance and a risky venture, but much like a 35 foot downhill putt with OB all around, sometimes you just have to go for it".

2630 16th Street Moline Ill.

Anything Else?

Support those that support you, and do what you can to work to make the scene the best it can be. Take care of the courses given to you, and respect your fellow golfers while you're on the courses. They are there to have fun as well, at any pace. Being kind is only hard if you're unfamiliar with it. Take the time to enjoy the game for what it is... better than work!

Chase Roberts
Player Profiles - Chase Roberts
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The view from the first tee at Butterworth Park in East Moline Illinois
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