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Know the lingo of disc golf!
Par - The average number of throws for an experienced player to complete a hole. Amateur par varies; pro par is generally three on any given hole. This tradition started mostly out of convenience; it makes scorekeeping much more simple.
Sidearm - A throw whereby arm motion first extends away from the body, then pulls the disc across the body to release and follow through. Opposite to Backhand throw.
Stable -Term used to describe a disc that flies generally straight.
Velocity - The speed a disc is traveling through the air.
Quad City Disc Golf News
Devils Glen Park, Bettendorf Iowa
One Of The Best Kept Secrets In The Quad Cities! If you enjoy disc golf and you want a challenging round filled with all sorts of obstacles and varrying types of shots, you have to play the course at Devils Glen. It has it all: tight fairways, water hazards,elevation changes, big time wooded holes, and some of the best scenery in the area. First installed as a nine holer back in 2000, the course was redesigned and as a twelve hole course in 2004. With the new design came new challenges that include three holes that run along Duck Creek and add a ton of challenge, especially with the pins in the long positions! Each hole has three pin locations that creates a multitude of possible layouts for the course. If you havent played Devils glen or havent played it lately, get out and find out what you've been missing! Be sure to try the 18 hole round by playing 1-5, then 6-11 twice and finish on hole 12!
Devils Glen Park, Bettendorf Ia.
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