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Learn how to get that extra little bit of distance that you've seen people reaching. Mike Robinson (pictured below) is the 2004 Amateur World Distance Champion. He threw a 175g Champion Orc 537 feet. Yes, that's right, nearing two football feilds. He knows what he is doing, you might want to pay attention.

Get a firm grip of the disc.

I use a 4 finger power grip.(all four fingers curled under the rim, finger pads gripping the inside of the rim) my thumb close to the edge of the disc.

Take as many steps as needed to get into a rythm.

Your throw should always finish in the same 3 steps. The first step will be your right leg ( if you're right handed, opposite for lefties).

Get your right hip pointed at the intended target.

Stand on the balls of your feet, then bring the opposite leg behind your first step, creating an "X' with your legs.

Slightly bend elbow and get arm roughly chest high. Beween the 2nd and 3rd step start your reach back.

Reach back keeping your hip pointed at the target, turning your torso away and reach back with your arm. Still with a slightly bent elbow.

Still on the balls of your feet, bring your rear leg forward in a fluid motion.

Now you should have the full extension of your arm before your plant foot hits the ground.

The moment your plant foot hits the ground, unwind your torso and pull the disc across your chest (keeping the disc as close to your chest as possible) in a controlled whipping motion.

The disc should be ripped out of your hand by the momentum generated by your arm and body, not by letting go of the disc.

Follow through all the way around your body while rotating on either your heel or the ball of your foot.

This allows the power generated to be displaced somewhere other than your knee.

Story taken from the QCDGC Newsletter, as written by Mike Robinson and K.C.Randall!

Great job guys......