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And of course my ILDGS mini marker that for some reason has alot of Good Karma that goes along with it.

How Long Have You Played Disc Golf?

3 ½ yrs and 2 competivley

Most Memorable Win?

My most memorable win/wins was wining the Sweet Melon Open in Muscatine and then going to Bell Plain Ia and wining the Franklin Fling. Wining two sanctioned events in one weekend was pretty awesome.

My Most Memorable Event:

I would have to say right now would have to be the Iron Lion Safari. I stepped up and played advanced for the first time and was one stroke out of cash also got to witness two aces of five total for the day pretty memorable.

My Favorite Course?

I have a few one of my favorite is Dankwardt Park in Burlington, Hickory Hills Park in La Porte City IA and hopefully Camden II once completed.


My Disc Golf Goals?

My goal is like probably every other player not playing at a pro/open level to eventually play pro/open and be a sponsored player.

Advice For Other Disc Golfers?

What I suggest for as disc golf goes practice practice practice if you ever want to get better you need to .Another thing is always leave the course cleaner then you got there and always return plastic if you find it . It makes for good karma believe me I know hence the name Karma. As far as outside playing golf when you’re on the course try to be as courteous to other patrons at the park because remember they usually are in a public park .

Anything Else?

Always keep your eye ands ears open there are a lot of real good players out there and you can learn from them all I know first hand. I have got the pleasure of playing with a lot of great players some are touring pros and they are always most helpful.
10x KC pro Avair 174g
11 x KC pro avair 175 beat in
11x KC pro avair not so beat
Pro Line Leopard 175g by far the straitest disc in my bag
Champion first run Whippet 175g yeah its overstable
Champion X out Whippet 174g its became a long overstable midrange with its age
Elite z Buzzz 178g havent been able to find a better mid range for strait shots
ESP Meteor173g all I can say is $$$$
Star Wraith 172g hyzer filp long
Star Wraith 174g long drives
Star Xcaliber175g long hyzers shall I say beefy
Star TL170g great disc for long fairway shots
Star destroyer 175g great in the wind very predictible
11x K C pro Tee bird 174g great fairway driver
11x champion Firebird 175g i just usually ace with this disc
Star Roadrunner175g great for turnovers and newly found roller!
CFR DG stamp SL 175 great utility disc
PDGA# 27895
Division: Intermediate Rating: 893 as of 1/08
From: Moline Ill. Throws: Right Handed
Played Since: 2004 Aces:20+
Born:1984 Nick Name: Karma
"In The Bag"
Player Profiles - John "Karma" Scott
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The view from the first tee at Butterworth Park in East Moline Illinois
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