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How Long Have You Played Disc Golf?

2 years.

Most Memorable Win?

My first on grumpys saloon tournament in 2007.

Most Memorable Tournament?

Devil made me do it. I had control the entire event.

My Most Memorable Event:

Every tournament, you get to see everyone there and can just have fun.

My Favorite Course?

West Lake . Any questions?

My Disc Golf Goals?

To  win am worlds!

Advice For Other Disc Golfers?

Practice and have fun. Go to leagues and tournaments and meet people, they are willing to help you.

Anything Else?

Go to Iron Lion dgs and see Chase and Jess. They help the disc golf community so much so try to help them in return


DX Aviar (throwing overstable)
SSS Wizard (understable/straight)
FLX Challenger (All types of putts)
DX Roc- overstable
ESP Wasp- straight
Star first run Cro- everything!
DX Shark- turnovers
Star firebird- any thing with fade and overhand
Star xcaliber- long with fade
Pro Destroyer- straight distance
Star proto Destroyer- flippy!!

Pro Wraith- big bombs
Flx Avenger SS- straigh
Champ Beast- long turnover
Champ Wraith- 166g. yea it flips
Star RoadRunner- rollers and turnovers
Champ Whippet- Can you say beefy?

Champ tl- straight

Champ Eagle l- it is a utility disc
Division: Intermediate Rating: N/A
From: Davenport Iowa Throws: Right Handed
Played Since: 2006 Aces:6
"In The Bag"

Player Profiles - Dakota Halligan
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