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Player Profile: Tracey Lopez
Tracey Lopez demonstrationg how to throw a disc at a local clinic at Middle Park 2006

PDGA # 21224

Division: Open

From: Ft. Collins Colorado

Lives in: Davenport, IA

Played Since: 2001

Born:Never ask a woman when she was born!

Nickname: Tra-Lo

Rating: 841 as of January 2007

(had the rookie hiccup last year!)

Throws: Right Handed

Aces: 1

"In The Bag "

2 Champion Beasts( distance and "s" shots)
1 Pro Valk
1 Champion Valks (my reliable distance disc and forehand shot)
1 Pro Starfire
2 Orions (straight up the middle shots)
1 Champion Orc (for headwinds and spike hyzers)
2 150 Class Prototype Valks (no wind, big "D", thumbers,

tomohawks, big uphill drives)

1 ROC (old reliable!)
1 Coyote
1 Stratus ( for anhyzers, rollers)

1 JK Pro Aviars (putt and short approach)
1 Challenger (approaches and wind putts)

How Long Have You Played Disc Golf?

Since 2001? When Bettendorf put in the original Devils Glen course.  I figured since I worked for the parks and rec. dept., I should know a little about the sport.  I went out and bought a 167g Stratus and played all summer—I was instantly addicted.  Then I met Des Reading out in Geneseo one afternoon and she gave me my first driver, and the desire to get out and play more often. 

Most Memorable Win?

The first tournament I ever played—Geneseo Maple City Open.  There were only 2 females playing in my division, and the other gal was not a local and was being “coached” by her boyfriend.  It was so cool to have Des, Jay, Jeff, OldMan, and everyone cheering me on, hoping I would beat her—and I hardly knew them at the time.  That’s when I knew this was a great sport to get into with the supportive community, and love of the game. 

Most Memorable Tournament?

Am World Doubles in San Saba, Texas.  Kathy Betcher and I drove all the way down to Texas to play some of the best courses ever (John Houck is a genius)!  There were only 2 other women’s teams playing the tournament, but the courses were worth the trip alone.  It was eventful, I kept making Betcher throw from cactus plants and potentially snake-infested ravines.  One gal stepped on a rattle snake and we all went scattering for our lives.  Then, the last round before the finals we were sitting in a fairly comfortable position to make the finals, and we ended up throwing a quadruple-circle 10 on the last hole!  We had 40-60 mph winds, that hole had tons of O.B., and we had to tee off a “mountain”.  We got into trouble right off the bat, and just totally choked (I missed a 4 foot putt, too!).  We ended up missing the cut, so we drove straight to Austin where we stayed in style at the gorgeous San Jose hotel, drowned our sorrows in margaritas, and hung out in awesome Austin.     

My Favorite Event?

The U.S. Women’s Disc Golf Championships.  With so few female players, when you can get together and throw discs with 70+ women, it’s an EVENT!  It’s like getting together with your closest friends, and we have a great time both on and off the course.  All ages, all ability levels, and all walks of life together for one thing: disc golf for women!  

My Favorite Course?

Frisco Disc Golf course in Colorado—location, location, location (mountains, lakes, and good beer!).  Pickard Park in Indianola, I either play my best or my worst there—it’s a beautiful, challenging course.  Middle Park in Bettendorf, IA—right across the street from my work, what could be better than that?!

My Disc Golf Goals?

To get more women involved in the sport!  I don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to being a true disc golf pro, so why not become an ambassador!

Advice For Other Disc Golfers?

Keep it a fun and pure sport!  Give a kid a disc and take him/her out to play.  And don’t let the gals just follow along with your group; give them a light weight disc and get them throwing, too!! 

Anything Else?


Tracey Lopez helping teach new players fundamentals at a local disc golf clinic at Middle Park 2006