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Player Profile: Phil Dodds
Phil Dodds

PDGA # 32038

Division: Advanced Am

From: Davenport, Iowa

Played Since: 2004



Throws: Right Handed- Backhand

Aces: 4

"In The Bag "














How Long Have You Played Disc Golf?

I've been playing for 3 years now. One of my really good friends invited me to play this weird sport where you throw Frisbees into a basket. I went out my first time and had a blast.

Most Memorable Win?

Camden Doubles 2005 was the first tournament my friend (partner) Josh Doeble and I had ever played in. We had a lot of fun and ended up winning. We got these sweet little 1st place trophies that to this day still sits on my desk at work.

Most Memorable Tournament?

Probably the Camden Doubles tourney.  After, that I was hooked on competitive disc golf, and it’s engulfed my life since then.  That was where my disc golf career started.

My Favorite Course?

My favorite course is by far Peninsula Park in Iowa City, IA.  It’s long, wooded, has elevation.  Every hole gives you that exciting feeling of “this is going to be a fun shot.”

My Disc Golf Goals?

Short term-  To win the Advanced division at West Lake and to win three tournaments this year and cash at every tourney I enter.  I would like to have a 950 rating by the end of the year.
Long Term -  Be able to win an NT as a pro and be sponsored by a disc company that allows me to play disc golf for a living.  Also, I would like to be able to throw a disc 500ft.

Advice For Other Disc Golfers?

No matter how far you can drive it will never matter unless you can make the putt.  Ask questions and learn course management.  I see to many new players throwing the wrong shot in certain situations and leaving themselves a tougher shot than before.  Don’t try to make every approach shot, try to put it close enough to have a drop in putt.

Anything Else?

My favorite disc golf story:  Summer of 2005 three months after I started playing, my friends and I were at Camden in Milan, IL.  I couldn’t even throw backhand yet and threw all thumbers.  I walked up to hole 11 and threw a thumber with a Monster.  I Heard nothing but chains.  I sprinted up the hill to find my first ace, and I didn’t even get to see it go in!

Phi Dodds
KC Aviars 175g

DX Big Bead Aviars 175g

Omega SS (for jump putts, sticks and doesnt roll)
Roc 180g (have several that are beat in differently)
KC Roc 180g ( for overstable shots off the tee)
Ontario Roc 180g (turnovers and glide shots)
Millennium Ms 180g (short midrange shots)
Sirius MS 180g (more stable version of the MS)
1Millennium Sentinal (headwind and trick shots)
Fairway Drivers:
QJLS 175g – This is my main driver.  I can throw hyzers, anhyzers, flex shots and thumbers with it
Sirius JLS 175g – A little more glide and turn compared to the QJLS
Star Teebird 175g – Consistent fairway shots that I need to make sure finish with a hzyer

Star Leopard 170g – Turnover fairway shots.

Sirius Orion LF 175g – Long turnover drives.  I use this when I’m facing trouble down the left side or need a long drive to finish right.
Q Orion LF 175g – More stable version of the Orion LF
Star Destroyer 172g – Big bombs that finish with a hyzer.

Sirius Orion LS 175g – Big anhyzers and rollers.

Star Wraith 172g – Long flex shots
Champion Firebird 168g – Headwinds, hzyers and thumbers