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Player Profile: K.C.Randall
K.C. Randall

PDGA # 29385

Division: Advanced

From: Davenport, iowa

Played Since: 2001



Rating: 963 as of June 2006

Throws: Right Handed

Aces: 13

"In The Bag "

1 175 Star Wraith:  Controlled distance shots
1 172 Star Wraith:  Just put in the bag, working it in for distance
1 172 Pro Wraith:  Grip-it-and-rip-it!  Distance (but not as controlled)
2 172 Champion Orcs:  One beat in...Mr. Reliable for tight shots! One brand new...extended hyzers
1 168 Champion Orc:  Tailwind shots, and a very fast roller!
1 172 CE Valkyrie:  Straight distance...fading out of my bag
1 172 QJLS:  Straight fairway drives (It’s a big Roc, really)
1 175 Champ Glow Sidewinder:  Turnovers and my “go-to” roller
1 175 Star TL:  Straight Fairway Driver, with a “little” stability to work with
1 175 Champ Starfire:  Flicks, forehand rollers, tomahawks
1 175 Star Tee-Rex:  Headwind driver, and great “S” flight

1 DX Roc:  Majority of my short game.  Very straight and reliable
1 X Buzz:  Most of the rest of my short game.  Very reliable left to right, or dead straight
1 Champ Whippit:  Very stable, it will ALWAYS come back left.  Technical disc, skippers
1 Super Roc:  Stable version of my main mid-ranges.  Very predictable.

1 11x Aviar:  Everything...putting, upshots, short drives, I use it TOO much!
1 DX Aviar:  I use it whenever my 11x frustrates me enough, or with NO wind

I'll use my Rocs if at all possible.  If not that, I feel most comfortable with a QJLS (which throws like a longer Roc, anyway).  My arm isn’t huge, and I feel more confident when I can throw something soft and controlled…not “yanking” one as hard as I can.  If I get a disc to go 400 ft., I’m havin’ a damn good day!  The TeeRex has been a great addition to the bag, though.  Its VERY reliable, cuz I know it’ll come back left, it’s just a matter of time.

How Long Have You Played Disc Golf?

2001:  I started out playin’ in college during hangover mornings (waaaay too often)…then met up with some QCDGC members, and haven’t stopped.  Started really tryin’ in 2003, during my Senior year Spring Term.  (I know, cuz I only went to 3 classes all term, in one of my courses, because I was out at Camden every day.)

Most Memorable Win?

HAHAHAHA…all my wins are during non-sanctioned events.  I have a very strong tendency to jump up to the lead card(s) only to embarrass myself during the second round…it’s great! 

Most Memorable Tournament?

I don’t really tour all that much, so any tournament I go to I try to have as much fun as I can.  I feel lucky if I pull off a good round or two, so it’s all about meetin’ up with other guys (and gals).   Sinnissippi was fun last year, for two reasons:  1.  I did well, that’s always a plus.  2.  I was carded up with 3 really cool cats the final round, AND it was competitive…that’s the best!

My Favorite Event?

Again, I don’t tour a ton, but I can’t imagine many events being better than the River Cities Rumble.  I have full faith that that course will someday be legendary.  Once everything is worked out with sponsorships, tournament committees, and whoever else…I imagine the River Cities Rumble will be a “must” on the PDGA tour in the future. 

My Favorite Course?

I haven’t played as many courses as I’d like to, but I like almost every course I do play, but there are always favorites.  West Lake, of course, has got to be up there.  But, I’d put Ewing (Des Moines), McNaughton (Peoria), and Anna Page (Rockford, IL) Park’s two-course set-up up there as well.  There is a gem outside of Peoria, too…Lake Eureka!  (All tight, almost all wooded, and every hole leaves you thinking “dang, that was a cool hole.”  Plus, I can use my Roc or Buzz on almost every hole!)   

My Disc Golf Goals?

To have fun!  Seriously, that’s about it.  Oh yeah, and to continue competing with the Chase’s, Chad’s, Mike’s, Pat’s, etc. group of guys that continuously ignores naming me while referring to each other for competition, after ALL THIS TIME! Hahahaha 

Advice For Other Disc Golfers?

Don’t watch Mike (Robinson) throw, watch Mark (Steddom) throw.  (You think I’m joking?)  Don’t get me wrong…Mike does some things that are SICK!  But, most will NEVER be able to throw that far.  And, you (and I) won’t be able to do it without considerable practice!  Learn how to throw the discs in your bag accurately and reliably, like Mark does.  Eventually the distance might come, but if you can control your discs…you’re WAY ahead of the game!  Take advice without taking offense.  And have as much fun as YOU want to have.  If you want to throw one disc and walk around in sandals…do it, cuz I had a blast doing it way back when.  If you want to compete and tote 341 discs…do it, cuz I’ll have fun makin’ fun of you about it!  It’s all just a game, anyway, enjoy it any way you want! 

Anything Else?

If you care enough about disc golf to be looking at this site, know that there are a whole lot of others that do too!  Come to a league, join some of us if you see us, help with construction days, go to Iron Lion, and just meet some of the people.   These are the people that keep disc golf rollin’ in the area.  Show your support, and your appreciation, to all the work that is being done, and that HAS been done in order for you to enjoy the game around here.  It’ll just keep getting better!