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Player Profile: Jeremy Mount
Jeremy Mount

PDGA # 28051

Division: Advanced

From: Dixon, Illinois

Played Since: 1999



Rating: 966 as of June 2006

Throws: Right Handed

Aces: 14

"In The Bag "


10X kc pro aviars max weight.  one beat to poop for straight or flip shots. new for hyzers.


 Max weight champ. stingray for big turns or soft flip shots in the wind. max weight champ coyote for straight-slight hyzer-or slight turn up to 300ft. max weight gator for short skip shots or controlled hyzer


Max weight star wraith for controled long drives.  175 star tee rex for long hyzers. 175 star sl for long flip shots or big sweeping anhyzers.175 champion firebird for spike hyzers or skip shots. 150 class dx leapord for rollers

How Long Have You Played Disc Golf?

I have been playing for about 6-7 years.

Most Memorable Win?

My most memorable win is from Streamwood  IOS #5 of 2005.  I remember this win so much because it was my first advanced win, I also had won a good playoff against Mike Robinson,  we played a very good tournament and tied the open field.

Most Memorable Tournament?

IMy most memorable tournament was Ozark Mountain tournament a couple of years ago.( I don't know if it was sanctioned or not)  I remember this so well because we just had a blast.  We camped out on the course and partied the whole weekend.  Wish they still had that tournament.

My Favorite Event?

My favorite event has to be the river cities rumble.  It was so fun and had so many people from all over the place. (great to see)

My Favorite Course?

IMy favorite course is actually Sinnissippi Park in Sterling, IL.  This is probably just my favorite because I first started playing there.  It broke me into the game.

My Disc Golf Goals?

My goals are to make a lot of friends and gain personal confidence in what I do.

Advice For Other Disc Golfers?

My advice to other golfers would have to be not to go out and just buy the plastic that the open players are using.  Try to find the plastic that works for you.  Try talking to people that have average arms to see what they are throwing well.

Anything Else?

I just want people to be able to experience the love of the game that myself and many others do.