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Barry Schultz

PDGA # 8640

Division: Pro Open

From: Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Pro Since: 1992


Champion Beast, DX Beast, DX Eagle, Champion TeeBird - Mix and match for wind, rain and cold.
CE Firebird - Stable pig! Great windy driver.
JK Champion Valkyrie / SE Leopard - Low drives, lots of 80% (power) shots, rollers.
Rocs - Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, San Marino
Bulldog - Windy putter
Aviars - Big Bead/Small Bead
Rocs/Aviars - I carry 3-4 of each, all beaten in at different levels.

Barry Schultz
Barry Schultz

Rating: 1035

Throws: Right Handed

World Champion: 2003, 2004

US Champion: 2001, 2003

How long have you been playing disc golf?
Since 1979-1980. My older brother took me along with him and his buddies and I was hooked!

Memorable Win:
2001 USDGC. I was obsessed with it. To be that excited and anxious to play and do well was amazing. I've never put that much focus and energy into one event. To see it all pay off was great.

Most memorable tournament:
My first Supertour win in '97 has always been 1st in my mind, but the world games in Akita, Japan is something I'll never forget. The whole experience was incredible. To be a part of a great event like that is amazing. And then to be 1st in the sport to experience this event is unbelievable. I hope it gets bigger so more players can go thru what I did in Japan.

My favorite events:
USDGC – Of Course. Course, Extras, Atmosphere, Money, all, top notch! With year after year improvement, it will be tough to have a better event.
The Worlds is always fun/challenging. The whole family shows up. Great time.
I love going out to Santa Cruz (De Laveaga) as well. As much for the off course activities as the great course.
Any Wisconsin event is always fun. We've got a lot of great courses and a lot of fun events and great staff and TDs.

Short term: Keep on supporting myself on the road.
Long term: continue to improve on a daily/monthly basis. Keep a good attitude and give myself the best chance to do well and feel good about my game and myself. I've got another year or so before my girlfriend graduates, so we'll see how things go.

Have fun and practice.
Don't practice at a course, find a field and explorer what you can and can't do. This will give you confidence and more choices when you're in a tough spot. It will also help you know your discs better. Try to play games to keep it fun.
Play different courses, tees. Play with different people. The more you see, the more you learn.

Vollrath Park Sheboygan, WI
Vallarta Ast Madison, WI
Water Works Park Kansas City, MO
Winthrop Gold Rock Hill, SC
De Laveaga Santa Cruz, CA


1st Players Cup
1st Charleston Classic
1st Veterans Park Open
2nd Pro Worlds
2nd Pittsburgh FDO
1st Michiana Open
9th Des Moines Challenge (NT)
1st Beaver State Fling (NT)
7th Masters Cup (NT)
2nd Golden State Classic (NT)
2nd Dogwood Crosstown Classic (NT)
2nd Disc Golf Hall of Fame Classic (NT)
1st Melbourne Open (NT)
1st Gator Couty Classic
1st The Memorial (NT)
1st The Gentlemen's Club (NT)
1st Z Boaz
5th Cross Canyon Classic

12+ wins in 2004
3 NT wins
World Champion
Current Money Leader for 2004

2003 World Champion
2001, 2003 US Champion
2003 National Tour Champion
2003 16 wins
2003 Melbourne Open Champ
2003 The Memorial Champ
2002 7 wins
2002 Masters Cup Champ
2002 Worlds 2nd
2002 USDGC 2nd
1997 First Supertour win
Cashed in 130 of 131 events
19 Supertour Wins

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